Legal Liability Insurance

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NVOCC carrier liabilities

Every Atlas Line house bill of lading is covered by a carriers legal liability and amounting to
$ 2.500,000 including up to $ 10.000 for detention, demurrage and legal expenses associated with abandoned cargo.

The insurance deductible is a low $ 2.500 per shipment and remains the responsibility of the Atlas Line agent in the event of a claim required to be settled.

Before becoming an agent of Atlas Line, you will need to register as member of the Atlas Logistic Network or the Atlas Breakbulk Alliance. Furthermore you will be invited to sign an agency agreement with Atlas Line in order to become an official registered agent of Atlas Line as an NVOCC.

The agreement will include all rules and regulations applicable while signing Atlas Line house bills of lading in relation to, but not limited with, international regulations i.e. FMC, FMC tariff filing, AFR filing, ACI filing/eManifest, AMS filing, ISF filing, SOLAS etc.

Upon your approval of official Atlas agent, you will be communicated an ID and password in order to register your shipments through our fraud protected IT systems thus providing maximum security to you (as an agent), us (as a carrier) and your customer, seller, buyer, exporter and importer.

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