Added values “Atlas Line” is offering
for your company

Founded in 1998, Atlas Line is a fully independent NVOCC.
Members of the premium exclusive Atlas Logistic Network can be appointed as
the agents of “Atlas Line”.

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House bills of lading

The house bills of lading from “Atlas Line” are fully negotiable documents recognized by all worldwide international banks on a global scale.
The bills of lading are fraud protected by an intelligent IT-system and fully covered by a carriers liability insurance policy.

The bills of lading can be used for carriage of :

  • LCL shipments

  • FCL consignments

  • Projects, heavy lifts, breakbulk and OOG transports


Certificates and registrations

In addition to these benefits, Atlas Line is in conformity with the legal regulations in countries like the United States, Canada, China, Japan and Brazil.

Atlas Line is carrying following official recognitions:

  • Registered as foreign NVOCC by the American FMC bonding $ 150.000.

  • Fully in compliance with the US customs bond regulations bonding $ 50.000.

  • Having the NVOCC certification of the Chinese Ministry of Transport bonding $ 120.000.

  • Registered by the Canadian and Japanese customs authorities bonding included in FMC bonding.