Federal Maritime Commission

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Atlas Line IT-solutions

Through the Atlas Line software facilities we have easy accessible IT systems available for our agents to comply with the  FMC filings as per  rules and regulations of the Federal Maritime Commission.

Failing to apply the rules and regulations of the FMC can have important legal and financial implications and the risk your shipment is arrested, confiscated or blocked by the concerned authorities is possible. When issues of National concern are evaluated by the Commission the danger exists your shipment will not be allowed to enter in the USA is existing.

Why FMC filing is required

The Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) was established in 1961 as an independent agency responsible for the regulation of ocean shipping in the foreign trades of the United States. The FMC relies on a staff of professional and technical experts to support what they consider, decisions to regulate ocean borne transportation.

For every shipment imported or exported in the United States of America it is necessary to arrange a rate filing with the Federal Maritime Commission.

FMC filing

When filing FMC rates, the selling rates are essential to be included and all charges need to be filed as a lumpsum. The selling rates must be filed even if they are similar with the buying rates. Penalties may occur in case the description of the goods and the commodity is not accurate or in conformity with the goods being shipped and may result in important amounts payable

Any rates filed are required to be filed 24hrs prior of becoming effective. In any event the rates need to be filed in the FMC tariff prior to the carrier picking up the shipment with suppliers at origin station when door movements are involved, or upon receipt at the shipment terminal.

For any additional info on the FMC – Federal Maritime Commission you can check their website
through following link  :  http://www.fmc.gov

Atlas Line – FMC registration details

FMC Registered Foreign NVOCC  :  registration number 016505

Standard Carrier Alpha Code :  ATLL

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